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Spring Market 2023 at Thomas Lavin

Join us at Thomas Lavin PDC for an Artful Spring Market

Wednesday, March 22, 12-1 p.m.

In The Artist Studio with Aadil Abedi, Spring Market 2023 at Thomas Lavin PDC

In The Artist's Studio with Aadil Abedi

You are invited into the artist’s studio of Aadil Abedi to watch him as he creates a new work. The London native, now residing in the U.S., is known for creating a range of artistic designs connected by the central theme of showcasing the beauty of Arabic script. He strongly believes such beauty transcends faith, ideology, culture, and is not limited to a traditional canvas, and he conveys that universality through a unique deconstructed approach.

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Wednesday, March 22, 3-4 p.m.

Art in Design, Spring Market at Thomas Lavin PDC

Art in Design
A Symbiotic Relationship

Where do art and design intersect? How does art influence design? How do you inform clients about art? Join Interiors Magazine Editor-in-Chief Erika Heet as she moderates a panel starring designer Alexandra Loew, maker Randy Tuell of Tuell + Reynolds, and artist Aadil Abedi as they demystify art’s place in design and explore how to navigate its powerful and delicate balance. Reception to follow.

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